Precut Construction Ltd Frame and Truss
Big enough to build it, small enough to care!

Using industry standard design software, our Design Team can transform your concept plans into reality.

We cover all aspects of the build process:

  • quote preparation
  • truss design for council
  • pre-consent documents for council
  • liaison with your builder
  • production of engineered frames and trusses
  • As Built design documents for council

We invest in the latest technology. Timber manufacturing is carried out using automated computer technology. Plans are fed into our computer and all timber is cut to the right length and angle, removing the potential for error as well as increasing productivity.

Features of Precut Constructions
frames & trusses

  • Oregon specialist, Radiata & LVL on request
  • Minimum of SG8
  • Prowood Engineered Beams
  • Mitek hardware
  • Garage lintels and reveals included in quotations
  • Delivery by Hiab Services
  • Laminated Frame and Truss layout
  • Finns Fudge

Precut Loose Timber- Standard Inclusions

  • Ceiling plates
  • Ceiling battens
  • Valley boards
  • Purlins
  • Posts / beams
  • Garage reveals
  • Ceiling dwangs
  • Out-rigger and rafters
  • Garage beams
  • Ridge boards
  • Exposed beams
  • Steel beams

What you can expect from us?

  • We are committed to providing you with the complete frame solution in a professional and down to earth manner
  • Friendly and knowledgably consolation and advice on design and alternative products
  • Any onsite issues will be immediately remediated
  • Loose timber guaranteed*
  • Transparent and all inclusive Proposals
  • Quality straight timber, protected from the weather until final stages of production
  • Delivery on time
  • Is a highly regarded timber preferred for its superior strength, toughness, durability and decay resistance
  • Perfectly fit for all framing above subfloor level
  • Enjoyed by builders for keeping straight and absorbing less moisture, reducing any risk of swelling, unlike other species
  • Cost effective without undermining quality
  • Posi-struts
    - A light, economical method of providing large clear spaces in rafter, purlin and floor joist situations
    - Services (electrical, plumbing, vacuum systems) are easily run through them
    - Light to lift and fast to install
    - Greater spans for a given depth than solid timber joists
    - Ceiling can be fixed directly to the underside of the posi-strut